OAR Skipping Rope

OAR Skipping rope



OAR Skipping Rope

With some refinement we have given retired climbing rope a new lease of life as a skipping rope. Helping the planet and your well-being.

Due to the unique handle design and heavier rope it increases the your arm movement and effort over a ‘speed rope’. This adds a great benefit when warming up for climbing. Shown here on our Instagram page here

Simply slide the tight fitting ball up/down the rope and adjust to your preferred length.

Skipping is a great exercise to add into your warm up routine. It helps increase your heart rate, blood flow, body temperature and respiration. It prepares your body and joints for action, increasing your flexibility. Blood flow ~ body flow.

The majority of injuries can be prevented through a simple warm up routine, something you take more seriously after an injury has held your climbing progress back.

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